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We were overwhelmed with all of the Open Houses and Applications to pre-schools. In the end we wished we heard about Las Cabritas sooner because the program has exceeded all of our expectations of what a preschool can be.


Angelica is so amazing! She understands our child on both a developmental and emotional level. We feel comfortable asking her questions about parenting and are always grateful for her expert advice and daily insights.


We are so grateful that our daughter has been able to attend Billygoats. She has flourished since starting the program. The personal attention, teacher knowledge and outdoor location has helped our daughter gain independence, confidence and has created a strong and loyal bond between the children.  Our daughter has developed a real understanding and love of nature. She has made great friends and has grown so much emotionally and socially. We feel very lucky to have been part of the Billygoats community.


Paula O’Shea

"Billygoats allowed my daughter to experience nature first-hand; to dig in the sand, to collect acorns, to play music with sticks, to stare up at the beautiful eucalyptus trees.  These experiences

have given her an appreciation of our natural environment and the confidence to explore it, something I wish I had been given as a child growing up."

Summer Recchi

"Billygoats has been an irreplaceable experience for our daughter. It has helped foster her confidence and independence, as well as strong relationships with Angelica, her fellow billygoats, and their families. The program's focus on nature provides a unique opportunity to learn through experiencing the outdoors, and also offers parents a chance to be an active part of their childrens' learning and community." 

Anjali Asrani

Both of my daughters have participated in Billygoats (my older child is a Billygoat “graduate” while my younger daughter is currently enrolled in the program). It has been an amazing experience for our family. Teacher Angelica is warm and loving with the children and a gifted parent educator. If you have a child that will soon be entering the “terrible twos, “ I highly recommend that you check it out!

Laura Lind

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