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Enrollment process

Application Process

Step 1: To RSVP for a virtual open house and receive an application, send an email to Angelica Guerrero at


Step 2: Mail your application with the application fee of $50, even if you missed the open house. 


Step 3: Visit the group in action! 


Step 4: Receive notification of acceptance.


Step 5: Sign the contract and pay the deposit. 


Step 6: If you do not receive an enrollment notice, please join the wait list if you are willing to stay in touch in case an opening occurs.  

Collaboration with Centro las Olas and La Bamba Preschool 

Billygoats/Cabritas actively collaborates with two preschools that receive students over 3 years of age. Since 2014 we have collaborated with Centro Las Olas for students who qualify for Spanish immersion. Since 2019 we have collaborated with La Bamaba preschool for students who qualify for a bilingual format and/or Spanish immersion. The objective is to maintain the community that is formed during the time at Billygoats, supporting the children to go to their next school level accompanied by some of their friends.

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