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Our philosophy

A nature-based curriculum is based on the belief that nature provides everything necessary for learning. We define nature as everything that is part of the natural environment of the local ecosystem, as well as the innate characteristics of every individual. Our main goal is to return children to the natural environment.


We recognize the innate traits of every individual and their need to express the unique identity they possess from birth, without comparing it to that of others. This includes gender identity, temperament, abilities and play preferences.


During early childhood everything we do, think and search for comes from an innate need to explore everything that surrounds us, alive or inanimate. This need is appropriate and deserves to be celebrated, respected and facilitated by the adults in charge. Based on children’s interests, adults facilitate free play and exploration in nature to heighten curiosity and enrich learning.


This is a program of the children. The children dictate their own interests and learning topics through play, in an environment that teaches them how to coexist directly in nature, during school hours.


In our program we believe that the identity of every member of our community is valuable and worthy of respect and should be honored. This community is made up of children, their families and their teachers who are part of a mutual learning link where they are all learners and teachers simultaneously. The information gathered from everyday experiences is shared in reports that include photos, which encourage reflection, to inspire the intentionality of the curriculum, which is under constant development.

The Role of the Adult

The job of the adults is to observe, facilitate and reflect on the experiences of the children as well as to provide them with a safe, positive and harmonious space. In specific cases, adults intervene to guide, redirect and to incorporate intentionality in everyday experiences. Social conflict is valued as a learning opportunity where both sides are heard and valued while searching for fair and practical solutions under the supervision of an adult who functions as a guide and moderator.

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