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It is not until all children’s voices are heard by teachers, that both the silenced and the privileged will become active protagonists of their own and others’ learning.

Chris Bayes
Learning from Nature Preschool

San Francisco, CA

A nature-based curriculum is based on the belief that nature provides everything necessary for learning. We define nature as everything that is part of the natural environment of the local ecosystem, as well as the innate characteristics of every individual. Our main goal is to return children to the natural environment.



Billygoats/Cabritas is a one-year Spanish bilingual/immersion pre-preschool program based in the natural environment of San Francisco, located in the Excelsior/Glenpark area.


For more information and to schedule a virtual tour contact Director Angelica Guerrero


At Billygoats we keep all of our parent jobs simple so that we don't over-stress our families.

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